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Rainy Days, Whimsical Worlds, and Spring, So Much Spring!

It’s raining today. Not surprising, being the tail end of April in Virginia. But the rain is not unwelcome, it is warm, and will intermittently stop to let the sun shine through. I’ve always been a pluviophile.  Rainy days are peaceful, so long as my body doesn’t protest; and I spend them happily curled up reading a book or coloring.

Today’s treat is on loan from Mom. I inherited my coloring habit from her, and I tend to suggest coloring books and artists to her that I think she’d like. I’ve been following Molly Harrison on Facebook for a year or so now. When she released Whimsical World #4 – Fairies, Mermaids, Animals, Flowers and Cuteness Galore!: Fantasy themed Adult Coloring Book for the Young at Heart! (That’s a mouthful! I’m calling it WhimWorld4 from now on.) I poked it at Mom. She bought the book and brought it down when she visited this last week for Easter.

Molly Harrison has a rather distinctive style. It’s a little Precious Moments©, and a little Selena Fenech, and a bit of adorable magic all her own. Honestly, I loved all 26 images in WhimWorld4, and choosing a handful to color was hard.

Such a sweet fairy!

The only complaint I have with this coloring book is that the pages, which are single-sided, are not perforated. I can understand why, perforated pages add to printing costs. I just dislike the page wrinkling that happens when I use my craft knife to cut pages out. Other than that, the pages are lightweight, good quality paper. I colored with watercolor markers and fineline markers with no bleed through. Alcohol markers require a cardstock backing page.

Colored with Staedtler finelinerpens and UBrands gel pens.

The reason I recommended WhimWorld4 for Mom was that Molly makes sure there is a nice mix of simple and complex images. All are cute, but their differing complexities lends to differing coloring styles. Mom likes colored pencils and gel pens, I prefer markers. Every once in a while, I like to break out the crayons.

Colored with Hoolanda watercolor pens, Windsor&Newton Promarkers and Gelly Roll gel pens.

Molly has a great Facebook page where her fans can post their coloring and she does freebie pages for download. Molly Harrison does watercolors that are amazing, but that I’m not at a skill level to attempt. I have to remind myself that I color for stress relief and that my level of coloring cannot be compared to others. As SC tells me, “Everyone who colors is a colorist.”

Disability Notes: Other than needing a craft knife if you want to remove pages, I can’t think of any negatives. The images in Whimsical World 4 are all G-rated, and at the simplest, can be colored with crayons. I can recommend this book for people with both eye and coordination issues that are mild to moderate, depending on your ability. I had horrible eye strain while working my tree-fairy and was still able to keep to my lines.

Where to buy: Whimsical World #4  is available on Amazon, and currently on sale for $8.99 USD. Molly Harrison has coloring books in a multitude of styles, all are affordable, and there is bound to be something for everyone’s interest!

Molly Harrison Art : Website / FaceBook

Disclosure: My Mom bought this coloring book and allowed me several pages to use for this review. The opinions are my own. All art shown on this post is Copyright ©Molly Harrison 2019. The coloring is mine. All links are direct, I do not make money from them.

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