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LEGO® The LEGO Movie 2 Polybags

I missed out on seeing The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part in theaters, so I can’t wait for the dvd release! To pass the time until May 7th, I picked up two polybags from the local Walmart. I think my favorite thing about LEGO® is that they’re serious about being for ages X to 99! IMG_5267

First is LEGO® 30527  The LEGO Movie 2 Lucy vs The Alien Invader.


From the movie trailers, I know that the villain is the DUPLO® Alien Invaders. This polybag contains a minifigure of Lucy in her new kick-butt outfit and an alien for her to fight. Lucy’s face is two-sided, happy Lucy and angry Lucy.  She comes with a brown scarf, quiver of arrows, and a crossbow.

The build for the DUPLO® alien was surprisingly complex! It looks so simple, but looks are deceiving. Check out the instructions.

Alien down!! He’s cute, if a little top-heavy.

I found this build to be quite fun for a small kit. And the end result makes an awesome picture!

Showdown!! Lucy vs Alien!

My other polybag kit is LEGO® The LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard. Metalbeard is another character that was in the first The LEGO Movie and has an expanded role in the new movie. Again, I have not seen the new movie, I’m basing my info on movie trailers and Brickipedia.

This kit was of a higher difficulty, not surprising as the character is a Master Builder. The really cool thing is that while the instructions only give one configuration, this kit has 2 other configurations that can be downloaded here.

Metalbeard is a really cool figure. He has a telescope and saber, as well as a banner for his “tail” and his signature neckpiece. I loved the flame feather on his hat and golden claws on his spider legs.

Disability Note: I did this on a mild day, so it is easily assembled by kids 6 and up or an adult with good to decent hand motility.

Where to buy: At the time of this post,  LEGO® 30527  The LEGO Movie 2 Lucy vs The Alien Invader and LEGO® The LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard are not listed on the LEGO® website. However, I have seen it listed for sale on ToyWiz or BrickLink,  and at my local Walmart.

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Disclosure: I bought these items for my own use. The opinions are my own, and do not in any way reflect the thoughts and views of the Lego Group of companies.

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