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Ambitious Projects: UnCommon Goods Moving Flower Kit

It’s been a crazy month. SC and I had a lot of emotional ups and downs, but hopefully, going into December everything will go back to normal.  I know that my posts haven’t been as regular as I’d wish, so I have a few changes in the works to correct that as well as giving my Patreon the love it desperately needs.

So! Today is about more wonderful things from UnCommon Goods. When I chose my items, I made sure to think of SC as well as myself. SC’s job has him out in all weather, and his favorite pair of alpaca wool socks fell apart last winter. so I chose these lovely striped ones as a replacement! Shhh….It’s a secret, don’t tell him!

Nice Warm Socks!
I love this paper, so pretty!

Anyways, today’s project was really ambitious for me. I’ve been branching out (pun totes intended), from my usual puzzles and brick kits.  When I saw the Moving Flower kit, I knew I had to try it!

UnCommon Goods carries a few of the mechanical wooden building kits by UGears. The Moving Flower is made with Baltic Birch plywood that has been laser cut into the needed shapes.

This is the entire kit! Three sheets of pre-cut plywood, and instruction manual, some toothpicks and a square of sandpaper.

Overall, this was certainly a challenge for my skills! The kit recommends you use a candle to “wax” the moving parts so that they move better, which I did. While someone with at little more technical know-how might have an easier time, I had fun. The hardest part was connecting the flower part to the base without dislodging the internal gears. I ended up having to use a mini clamp from SC’s workbench to manage it.

This took several hours, but I can definitely see it as a fun engineering project for parents to do with their kids!

The Ballerina insert will hold your rings!
This is the Tree of Life insert that will hold your bracelets!
My quick video of the moving parts!

Disability Notes: This was a tricky project! I can’t really recommend it for anyone with hand issues, as it is really hand intensive. However, if you love a challenge and don’t have hand issues, go for it! The instructions are 99% pictorial, and for the most part, easy to follow.

Where to buy: You can buy the Moving Flower kit for $35 USD  at the Uncommon Goods Website, listed below. Unfortunately, the socks I got for SC are no longer in stock; but they do have other cute and warm alpaca wool socks for sale! If you are like me, and can’t get out much to physically do your Holiday shopping, I recommend checking out their Christmas collection found here.

Uncommon Goods: Website / FaceBook

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