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Winsor and Newton ProMarkers: Rich Tones Set

I’ve gotten a bunch of new coloring books to review on my docket, which means I find myself craving new shiny art supplies to color with.  I reached out to Winsor and Newton, a British company that’s been around since 1832. They had just released a new marker line called ProMarker™; and I was madly curious about them.  I received a sample of 6 markers in rich tones, and I have to say, I’m hooked!IMG_3966 These colors are SO pretty!! These are dual tipped markers, having both a bullet tip and a chisel tip. ProMarkers™ have an alcohol based ink,  which is classed as a permanent ink, but can be blended.

Okay, the outside is nice, but how do they color??

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Oh, my goodness! I’m in love, I really am. The ProMarkers™ are round, thick and fit well in my hand. The bullet nib moves smoothly over the paper with minimal bleeding. The chisel tip covers large areas well; though, since I hadn’t used chisel tips before, it took a little time to get the hang of.  I’m new to professional grade coloring markers, as my default is usually a Sharpie®.


I think that out of the six colors, the Marine and the Maroon are my favorites. All the colors are amazingly rich and each layer I put down just added depth.  While the different size caps for the two tips mean that you can’t place one cap upon the other when working, I do love the little Cap Nub (my phrase). The Cap Nub makes it so that the round marker doesn’t roll off of your work surface, which is super important if you color in bed or using a lapdesk.

Disability Notes:  These are great for marker lovers with mild to moderate arthritis (don’t overdo!), and can be used on the couch or in bed since the Cap  Nub keeps them from rolling. Warning!: If you have brain-fog or a short-term memory issue – Remember where you put the cap down!

Where to buy: You can buy Winsor & Newton ProMarkers™ in sets or individually at their website or a high-end art supply store. The Rich Tones set I received retail for $24.99 usd.

Winsor and Newton : Website / FaceBook

The art I colored for this post came from Timeless Creations™ Mystical Journey Coloring Book.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of markers from the manufacturer in exchange for review.  I purchased the coloring book used on this post. The opinions are my own.

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