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Sticker Mosaics, or Color by Number For Bad Days

A friend of mine, Genie, shared her de-stress day routine one day last fall. She’d recommended a color by number sticker book. I was intrigued and started to search for something like that. I found Hinkler’s Kaleidoscope Sticker Mosaics : Flora & Fauna.


Sticker by Number is just like color by number….sort of. The designs are blocked into sections and numbered, and there is a mix of difficulty levels.

The stickers are labeled in their section at the back of the book. And the goal is to use the stickers to fill the blank spots.

There is a bit of a learning curve, while you can apply the stickers with your fingers, it’s not really ideal.  Genie let me know that a good set of offset tweezers are my friend. IMG_4814

I found myself really enjoying working on this book. My only main complaint is that the adhesive on the stickers isn’t really strong, so I was having to deal with stickers that peel up.


My pictures came out so pretty!

Disability Notes: This is really a great coloring book if you have a wish to color on a low spoon/low energy day. The mix of simple/intermediate/ complex designs means that people with visual and mild motor control issues should be able to enjoy it. I found it to be great for a brain fog day when making decisions is difficult. It could also be handy to have in a hospital or go-bag.

Where to buy: Kaleidoscope Sticker Mosaics Flora & Fauna is currently out of stock at my local Barnes & Noble. It can still be found at Barnes & Noble,  and online at Amazon, though the prices vary wildly.

Hinkler: Website / Facebook 

Disclosure: I purchased this coloring book for for a review. The opinions are my own. All art shown on this post is Copyright ©Hinkler Books Pty Ltd 2018.  The coloring (sticker assembly) is mine.

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