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25 Days of XMAS – Day 1

I really think that this duo is the best way to start my 25 Days of Christmas. You see, when I asked my Rep at Eurographics for the 100 piece Sweet Christmas puzzle, I had meant the mini stocking-stuffer sized one. Imagine my delight when I was sent both!


Now, both puzzles are 100 pieces, and have the same design; but that’s where the similarities end. The 100 piece Kids puzzle has large, easy to grasp pieces that fit tightly together. Once assembled, I could lift the whole puzzle up!


The Mini, was a bit more tricky. This had a wider range of shapes and with really small pieces, I was glad to have assembled the larger one first to use as a guide. I liked the Mini, and can recommend it as a stocking-stuffer or as a small gift for someone bedridden. Finding tricky small puzzles that fit on my lap-desk is a trial for those days where I’m well enough to be awake, but not able to move much.

Sorry for the weird angle, but I wanted to show the size difference!

The design of Sweet Christmas is that of several different baked treats that are featured at Christmas time. Each is labeled,and while I was a bit disappointed by the lack of fruitcake, rum balls and pecan divinity; this puzzle is meant for kids.


So yummy!


  • Company: Eurographics Puzzles
  • Title: Sweet Christmas
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Year released: 2018
  • Pieces: 100
  • Cut-Style: Grid-cut puzzle
  • Finished size: 13 x 19 in / Mini -9 x 7 in
  • Bonus poster: No
  • Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink.
  • Made in USA


  • Box: sturdy, sized 8 x 8 x 2.37 in / Mini – 4 x 4 in
  • Board: Very sturdy and rigid
  • Cut: Cut with a steel-cut die,
  • Image Quality: Excellent
  • Finish: Slightly glossy
  • Puzzle Dust: Minimal
  • Piece shapes: A good mix of traditionally cut and irregular pieces
  • Piece Fit: Excellent, Very tight fit on the Children’s puzzles, a bit looser on the Mini-puzzle

Where to buy: At the time of this post, Sweet Christmas and Sweet Christmas Mini  are listed for sale on the Eurographics website for $9.99 USD and $4.99 USD respectively.

Eurographics Puzzles: Website / FaceBook

Disclosure: I received a complimentary puzzle from the manufacturer in exchange for review. The opinions are my own.

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