Feeding the Troll, Blogging and Services Rendered.

Spouse-Critter says “Arguing with a troll is like wrestling with a pig. Both of you will get dirty, but only the pig is having fun.” He is most likely right, but I need to post this.

Back in December, I received this comment on my Day 8 Christmas post. I didn’t see it until after December 22, as I’d been in New York on family business.

screenshot_2019-01-23 comments ‹ puzzlepaws — wordpress com

This person, hereafter referred to as Troll, chose not to leave a name or email so I could not contact them.  Now, as a point of order, I have to, in fairness, point out that there is no reliable way to convey tone within text. So the little disapproving “church lady” tone I read this comment in is entirely in my own head.

I was hurt, and at the time did not have the words to explain. So I spent a few months being alternately angry/frustrated and depressed. Never a good combo. I fought my way to the surface, spoke to my representatives at various companies, and spoke to both professional writers and other bloggers. I was introduced to a novel concept. If I’m being trolled, then I’m doing something right!

So I started blogging again. I put myself out there, solicited new companies for reviews and worked out a schedule that worked for me.

Then I woke up this morning to this:


Sorry Troll 2.0, this time I have the words.

The thing is, every product I receive must be logged at either wholesale or retail value and I MUST pay taxes on them. The IRS doesn’t care; I cannot pay my taxes in puzzles and coloring books. I can and do sell some of the products I receive after doing my reviews, but that doesn’t generate enough income to pay taxes, much less regular bills. Other products  I donate to my local VA, senior center, and children’s hospital; because I believe in sharing.

I am disabled, but I fall in that not-so-small category of people who are in the process of applying for benefits, but not receiving any yet. Spouse-Critter works a good job, but his job doesn’t include health care or much in the way of extras. If I want to buy products to review, like LEGO® or high-end wooden puzzles, I need income to do so. That is why I have both Patreon and Ko-fi set up. If you read my Patreon, you’d see that I have it set as a way to sponsor different projects.

I’m of the opinion that if professional authors and other bloggers have Patreon accounts, then there is no reason why I cannot as well. Patreon is a platform to pay for services rendered. I write and do projects, and I recieve money for services rendered. Effectively, it makes my hobbies into a job. As for the accusation of being shameless and asking for money? Have you read my disclaimer at the bottom of each post? I’m not begging. I ask you to consider it. Being a patron is a choice!  You can choose to be one, or you can choose not to. Simple.

Thanks for reading, and please click the Follow Button under my profile on the right side of the page. To support posts like this in the future, consider joining my Patreon!

5 thoughts on “Feeding the Troll, Blogging and Services Rendered.”

  1. Sounds like somebody’s bitter and resentful that you’re having a great time and making something cool — forget them. People like this aren’t worth more time and effort than it takes to click “delete.”

    Since we’re here, though, this is my take.

    First of all, inviting readers to support you on Patreon is a rock-bottom, no-duh move for any content creator; any idiot knows that. Besides, it’s not like you’re putting up a paywall or threatening to stop blogging if X number of subscribers don’t sign up.

    Secondly, yes of *course* you get puzzles from manufacturers, since that’s how this kind of thing is done. (I highly doubt they’re air-dropped into your home with no effort or outreach from you, but that’s another issue.) Those puzzles aren’t “free” either– they’re in exchange for the work, time, and effort you put into your reviews, which frankly are always super detailed and lovely to read. So the manufacturer gets what they bargained for, and everything is square.

    Readers, on the other hand, get to enjoy the blog for the low, low price of… absolutely nothing. No time, no subscription, no hassle. Giving people an optional way to show support doesn’t change that one bit.

    So, PuzzlePaws, in summary — everything you said here was right on, fair, and vaild. Ignore the haters and keep up the good work. The rest of us will keep reading and enjoying. 🙂

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    1. Thank you BestLeopard!! I’ll admit to needing the validation. Right now I’m researching things for the Patreon, and I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled blog posts on Tuesday.

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  2. So that’s why trolls are weak against fire. They’re dehydrated because like those two they’re so freaking salty. You do you.

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  3. This is to the person, who feels that my daughter shouldn’t have a Patreon page. My daughter is totally disabled and is fortunate enough to have finally found something that she can do from home to help her family out. It also keeps her mind sharp and holds off some of the depression. I praise her for work and her page. Mommabear


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