25 Days of XMAS – Day 8

This post is about the next-to-last item from Uncommon goods. SC was over the moon when I chose this puzzle.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater®, a 2-in-1 500 piece puzzle. I hadn’t done a double-sided puzzle since the original My Little Pony 3D one in the 1980s. The one side is a glossy reproduction of one of  Christopher Little’s photographs, while the other side is a matte reproduction of Fallingwater®’s blueprints.

With this puzzle being only 500 pieces, it only took me two days to assemble, and that was mostly because I would get distracted. The pieces are of a decent size, and I enjoyed the sensation of the different finishes on the two sides. I’ve only done one other Galison puzzle, but I’ve found them to be of excellent quality.


I did my best to reduce the glare, but sunny days and glossy puzzles don’t mix! I assembled the puzzle using this side, and really loved it. There is a reason Frank Lloyd Wright’s building are remembered, each one has a certain…emotion to it.


SC liked the blueprint side, and I can’t really blame him. There is something visually interesting about it.  Honestly, this puzzle was just too pretty to put back in the box. SC is in the process of layering fixative to it in the mudroom as I write. He thinks we can rig a double-sided picture frame so that we can hang this lovely puzzle in the dinning room and simply turn the frame around when we need to change our decor. Man is a genius, I swear.


  • Company: Galison
  • Title: Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater®
  • Artist: Frank Lloyd Wright / Christopher Little – Photographer
  • Year released: 2017
  • Pieces: 500
  • Cut-Style:  Ribbon cut
  • Finished size: 24 x 18 inches
  • Bonus poster:Yes
  • Made in USA


  • Box: Thin sturdy  cardboard, 11.5  x 8.5  x 3 inches
  • Board: Mediumweight Recycled greyboard
  • Cut: Steel-cut dye
  • Image Quality:Excellent
  • Finish: Semi-gloss / Matte
  • Puzzle Dust:Minimal
  • Piece shapes: Traditional 2-Knob
  • Piece Fit: Excellent

Disability Notes: I found this to be a wonderfully easy puzzle to put together. The pieces are of a medium size and well-made. If you have mild hand issues, you should be just fine. If you have an eyesight issue, you may want a friend to help or a magnifier and light. All those greens and browns get tricky.

Where to buy: You can buy the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater® puzzle for $16 USD  at the Uncommon Goods Website, listed below.

Uncommon Goods: Website / FaceBook

Disclosure: I received these products for free in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own. All links are direct, I do not make money from them. Fallingwater®is a trademark and a registered service mark of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Photograph © Christopher Little.

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