Patreon is Live!

After many suggestions and with SC’s help, I’ve started my Patreon. I know the blog is new and we’re still growing but there’s been some interest in our videos.  We also want to help others create content on a shoestring.

(SC Edit: From personal experience, half of what we do was done by someone else who blogged about it.  Making videos about “How did you two do that?!”, and providing them for free is a perfect form of “Pay it forward”.  To provide video content for free, financial support helps (I work 40+ hours/week, I help PuzzlePaws in my spare time).

Individuals who support PuzzlePaws via Patreon will get benefits based on the level of their contribution including: Content from me (the Spouse-Critter), First-look content (before it is available on the blog), exclusive content, and access to giveaways (we can’t keep ALL these puzzles/coloring books/kits, no matter what PuzzlePaws would like to do!))

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